Crews of the Space Station "Mir"

Crew of the Soyuz T-15"Soyuz T-15" Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyev. March 13 - July 16, 1986. First main crew on the Station Mir. L.Kizim and V.Solovyev transferred from Mir to Salyut-7 on Soyuz T-15 and back to Mir.
On the photo: L.Kizim, V.Solovyev.

"Soyuz TM-2". Yuri Romanenko and Alexander Laveikin, February 5-July 30, 1987. Second main crew on the Station Mir. U.Romanenko returned in Soyuz TM-3.

"Soyuz TM-3". Alexander Victorenko, Alexander Alexandrov and Faris Mohammed (Syria), July 22-December 29, 1987. Faris Mohammed returned in Soyuz TM-2.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-4"Soyuz TM-4" Vladimir Titiov, Musa Manarov, Anatoliy Levchenko. December 21, 1986 - June 17, 1988. Third main crew on the Station Mir. Vladimir Titov and Musa Manarov returned in Soyuz TM-6, A.Levchenko returned in Soyuz TM-3. For the first time in the history of the cosmonautics V.Titov and M.Manarov fulfilled a year duration orbital flight.
On the photo: V.Titov, M.Manarov, and A.Levchenko.

"Soyuz TM-5". Anatoliy Soloviev, Victor Savinykh and Alexander Alexandrov (Bulgaria), June 7-September 7, 1988. First visiting crew. The Soviet-Bulgarian program was fulfilled. The crew returned in Soyuz TM-4.

"Soyuz TM-6". Vladimir Liyakhov, Valeriy Polyakov and Abdul Ahad Mohmand (Afghanistan), August 29-December 21, 1988. Second visiting crew. The program of the Soviet-Afghan investigations was carried out. V.Liyahov and Ahad Mohmand returned in Soyuz TM-5, Polyakov returned in Soyuz TM-7.

"Soyuz TM-7". Alexander Volkov, Sergey Kricalev, Jean-Loup Chretien (France), November 26-April 27, 1988. Third visiting crew on the Station Mir. For the first time French astronaut performed an extravehicular activity. Partial change of the crew was carried out.

"Soyuz TM-8". Alexander Victorenco, Alexander Serebrov, September 6,1989-February 19, 1990. Fifth main crew on the Station Mir.

"Soyuz TM-9". Anatoliy Soloviev, Alexander Balandin, February 11, 1989-August 9, 1990. Sixth main crew on the Station Mir.

"Soyuz TM-10". Gennadiy Manakov, Gennadiy Strecalov, August 1-December 10, 1990. Seventh main crew. The crew returned with the Japanese journalist T.Akiyama.

"Soyuz TM-11". Victor Afanasiev, Musa Manarov and Toyohiro Akiyama (Japan), December 2, 1990-May 26, 1991. Japanese journalist was a crewmember, made several radio- and TV reportages and returned in Soyuz TM-10 on December 10, 1990. V.Afanasiev and M.Manarov was eighth main crew on the station.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-12 before the launch Crew of the Soyuz TM-12"Soyuz TM-12" Anatoliy Arcebarsky, Sergei Krikalev, Helene Sharmann (UK). May 18, 1991 - October 10, 1991. Ninth main crew (A.Arcebarsky and S. Krikalev). Sergei Krikalev returned in Soyuz TM-13, H.Sharmann returned in Soyuz TM-11 on May 26.
On the photos: S.Krikalev, H.Sharmann, and A.Arcebarsky.

"Soyuz TM-13". Alexander Volkov, Toktar Aubakirov, Frantz Fibek (Austria), October 2, 1991-March 25, 1992. Tenth main crew on the Station Mir (175 days). On October 10, 1991, F.Fibek and T.Aubakirov returned in Soyuz TM-12.

"Soyuz TM-14". Alexander Victorenko, Alexander Kalery, Klause-Ditrih Flide (Germany), March 17-August 9, 1992. Eleventh main crew. On March 25 K.-D. Flide together with S.Kricalev and A.Volkov returned in Soyuz TM-13.

Main and backup crews of the Soyuz TM-15"Soyuz TM-15" Anatoliy Soloviev, Sergei Avdeev, Michel Tonini (France). July 27, 1992 - February 1, 1993. Twelfth main crew on the Station Mir. They carried out French program Antares. M.Tonini returned in Soyuz TM-14 on August 9, 1992 with the eleventh main crew.
On the photo: in the first row: M.Tonini, A.Soloviev, S.Avdeev; in the second row: J.-P. Eniere, G.Manakov, A.Polishuk.

"Soyuz TM-16". Gennadiy Manakov, Alexander Polishuk, January 24-July 22, 1993. Thirteenth main crew on the Station Mir (179 days). Trials of the docking port on the Module Kvant for docking to the reusable spacecrafts.

"Soyuz TM-17". Vasyliy Cibliev, Alexander Serebrov, Jean-Pierre Eniere (France) July 1, 1993-January 14, 1994. Fourteenth main crew on the Station Mir. Medical experiments were carried out. J.-P.Eniere together with G.Manakov and A.Polishuk returned in Soyuz TM-16 on July 22,1993.

"Soyuz TM-18". Victor Afanasiev, Yuri Usachev and Valeriy Polyakov, January 8-July 9, 1994. Fifteenth main crew on the Station Mir (182 days). V.Afanasiev and U.Usachev returned in Soyuz TM-18.

"Soyuz TM-19". Yuri Malenchenko, Talgat Musabaev, July 1-November 4, 1994. Sixteenth main crew on the Station Mir (127 days). After returning of V Afanasiev and U.Usachev to Soyuz TM-18 on July 9, U.Malenchenko, T.Musabaev and V.Polyakov continued working on-board.

"Soyuz TM-20". Alexander Viktorenko, Elena Kondakova, Ulf Merbold (Germany), October 4, 1994-March 22, 1995. Seventeenth main crew on the Station Mir (169 days). On November 4 U.Merbold returned to the earth in the Soyuz TM-19 with the members of sixteenth crew. A.Viktorenko, E.Kondakova and V.Polyakov continued working on-board. On February 6, 1995 development of the maneuver of rendezvous with the station of the spacecraft Discovery (STS-63), of Space Shuttle type. Valeriy Polyakov was 437 days in space, E.Kondakova - 169 days.

"Soyuz TM-21". Vladimir Dejurov, Gennadiy Strecalov, Norman Thagard (USA), March 14-September 11, 1995. Eighteenth main crew on the Station Mir. Module Spectrum docked to the complex Mir. First docking ISS Atlantis with the station Mir on June 29. Mass of the space system was equal to 220 tons. The crew returned in the STS-71.

"Soyuz TM-22". Yuri Gidzenko, Sergey Avdeev, Thomas Reiter (Germany), ESA's astronaut. September 3, 1995-February 29, 1996. Twentieth main crew on the Station Mir. Docking to the ISS Atlantis (STS-74), November 15-18.

"Soyuz TM-23". Onufrienko Yuri, Usachev Yuri. February 21-September 2,1996. Twenty-first main crew on the Station Mir. Docking to the ISS STS-76 Atlantis. Astronaut Shannon Lucid stays on the station.

"Soyuz TM-24". Valeriy Korzun, Alexander Kalery, Klody Andre-Dee. August 17, 1996. Twenty- second main crew on the Station Mir. Docking to the ISS STS-79 Atlantis. One of the crewmembers was changed.

"Soyuz TM-25". Vasyliy Cibliev, Alexander Lazutkin, Rainhold Evald (Germany). February 10- August 15, 1997. ). Twenty- third main crew on the Station Mir.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-26"Soyuz TM-26" Anatoliy Soloviev, Pavel Vinogradov. August 5, 1997 - February 19, 1998. Twenty-fourth main crew on the Station Mir. The main task was to recondition the damaged module Spectrum. The cosmonaut-researcher Leopold Eiartz (France) also returned to the Earth.
On the photo: A.Soloviev, P.Vinogradov.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-27"Soyuz TM-27" Talgat Musabaev, Nikolay Budarin, Leopold Eiartz (France). January 29 - August 25, 1998. Twenty-fifth main crew. Reconditioning of the complex after a failure taken place a year before and a wide amount of the investigations and experiments. Talgat Musabaev, Nikolay Budarin and Uriy Baturin returned to the Earth in the spacecraft.
On the photo: T.Musabaev, L.Eiartz, and N.Budarin.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-28"Soyuz TM-28"Gennadiy Padalka, Sergei Avdeev, Uriy Baturin. On August 13, 1998 twenty-sixth main crew arrived to the Station Mir. Talgat Musabaev, Nikolay Budarin and Uriy Baturin returned to the Earth in Soyuz TM-27. Total duration of their being on-board came to 208 days, Uriy Baturin was in the station for 12 days.
On the photo: U.Baturin, G.Padalka, and S.Avdeev.

Crew of the Soyuz TM-29"Soyuz TM-29" V.Afanasiev, I.Bella (Slovakia), J.-P.Eniere (France). It was twenty-seventh main crew on the Station Mir. I.Bella (Slovakia) and G.Padalka returned in Soyuz TM-28 on February 28, 1999.
On the photo: I.Bella, V.Afanasiev, and J.-P.Eniere.

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