The project of the joint international exploitation of the piloted space complex Mir

Piloted complex Mir has been functioning in orbit more than 12 years. The cosmonauts from many countries of the world worked on its board. A large amount of scientific-research and experimental work having a practical employment in the states, organizations and companies, which financed developments, was fulfilled.

Rough sum of financing the complex is equal 240 billion dollars in a year. Last year Russian Government allocated only a half of the sum.

According to the specialists complex Mir can flight at least 5-7 years if necessary financing is provided. But in connection with the lack of means Russian Space Agency is going to sink it in the summer of 1999. It is not reasonable from the economic point of view and moreover may cause the ecological disaster.

Complex Mir is the property of Russia (100%) and Russian Space Agency has to finance its supporting in a working condition itself.

We propose to consider piloted complex Mir as an international one and to call the states of the space association for share financing and its joint exploitation according to the international treaty.

At present various medical and biological and technological investigations and experiments, photo- film shooting of high resolving ability, search of mineral resources, remote sounding of the Earth and other measures with consideration of the each interested country's needs can be carried out on the complex.

The variants of the preservation and further joint exploitation in another way of the international complex Mir after exhaustion of its resources for the active existence are developed.

We propose to aquaint all interested organizations and government bodies with this project. The Russian side is ready for the constructive negotiations on setting up the International space station on the basis of share participating of the countries (owners) in the exploitation of the complex Mir.

You can send your proposals to Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our address: Pilugin Ac. 22, Moscow, Russia, 117393. Tel/fax: 132 00 29, 132 00 47, 132 00 33. Or at the address of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation: 3 proezd Mariynoy Roshy 40, Moscow, Russia, 127018. Tel/fax: 121 80 57.

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Russian Cosmonautics Federation